Obwaagazi Family Sponsorship Program


Alfat lives with his mother, brothers and sisters in Masese. His father isn’t around and doesn’t give any support to the family as the mother left him after suffering with domestic violence. They live in a rented temporary house made of wood and iron sheets with no electricity or running water. They use a lantern in the evenings and the tap to collect water is just a few metres away. The family all sleep on a mattress on the floor. 


His mother now works with us here at Obwaagazi and this is now her main source of income. She has been working with us since October 2018 and we are so happy to have her on our team. She works very hard and provides lunch and snacks for the students every day. After she has finished working with us she goes home to sell bananas in the local areas during the afternoon to help make extra money. This was her full time job before she started working with us. 


​Find us: 

PO Box 1514

Jinja, Uganda


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Plot 6 Smelter Close

Walukuba, Jinja, Uganda

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