Obwaagazi Child Sponsorship Program


Connie is a 7 year old boy who lives in Walukuba, Uganda with his aunt and grandmother.  Connie had a traumatic birth, which resulted in a developmental delay.  Connie struggles with fine motor skills (holding a pencil, buttons, tying shoes) and appears to have a vision impairment. 


He attended Pre-kindergarten at  local school, but a volunteer special education teacher from the Netherlands saw he was struggling and referred his family to Obwaagazi Academy.  Connie has many friends, loves to play outside, and enjoys listening to music.  Connie’s favorite color is purple and he often colors pictures with a purple crayon.  We are thrilled to have Connie at Obwaagazi Academy and know he will make great progress!

​Find us: 

PO Box 1514

Jinja, Uganda


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Plot 6 Smelter Close

Walukuba, Jinja, Uganda

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