Obwaagazi Family Sponsorship Program


Frida lives at home with her mom, grandma, uncle, and siblings. They rent a permanent house with a cement floor in Bukaya, Uganda. The house has electricity, a latrine and safe drinking water. The family doesn’t have running water in the house, so they have to travel 500 meters to 1 kilometer to get water.

Frida’s mom lost her job mid 2018 when the company where she used to work laid off many workers. This has caused the family to lose their main source of income. It is hard for them to get enough money for food and Frida’s mom is not able to provide daily meals. She also struggles with getting enough money for medical care.

Frida is one of students that lives furthest away from school and the journey is around 30 minutes on a Boda. The family are now struggling to afford to send Frida to school everyday and she sometimes has to stay with her aunt so that she is closer to Obwaagazi. 

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PO Box 1514

Jinja, Uganda


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Plot 6 Smelter Close

Walukuba, Jinja, Uganda

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