Obwaagazi Academy is located in Walukuba, Jinja, Uganda.  We provide special education services Monday- Friday. 

We partner with students, families, and community to create a program for individual educational strengths and needs to facilitate growth for our students. Education programming may include academic growth, social and emotional growth, and/or communication development. Obwaagazi is dedicated to advancing the success of children with disabilities in Uganda. 




We provide behavioral therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy services for free to our students. 







Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on, and our Social Workers in the community provide that.  We give emotional support and counseling to our families of children with disabilities.  We provide respite care, parent education, community education, and encouragement, so our families can remain in their communities successfully.  



Raising a child with a disability is not easy, especially when you have limited resources and no community support.  Parent education is vital to the well-being of children with disabilities in Uganda; these children are extremely vulnerable and are often used as child sacrifice for witch doctors. To help prevent this, we teach parents that their child's disability is not a curse, all about their child's disability, how to interact with their child, and how to stretch their child's muscles. These classes are provided on an individual basis and through workshops in the community. 




Injured and sick children may receive a bed in an Ugandan hospital, but no medical treatment unless they can pay; they are often just left to die in the hospital bed without food, water, or medicine. At Obwaagazi, we provide financial assistance to families for medical care for their children with disabilities. This assistance is to help with significant medical bills, unexpected treatments, and required surgeries.  We also provide transportation to appointments and ensure that the families understand the medical needs and that the child receives proper treatment.



Obwaagazi works with the families to discover their hidden skills, such as: farming, jewelry making, basket weaving, paper beads, weaving mats, and art. We support the families by selling their crafts and providing them with 100% profit for their work, so they can care for their child with a disability.

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PO Box 1514

Jinja, Uganda


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Plot 6 Smelter Close

Walukuba, Jinja, Uganda

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