November Update!

We are almost reaching the end of this term and we are about to start getting ready for our Christmas break. We’ve had yet another fantastic month and on Friday 8th December, we will be finishing off the year with a fabulous Christmas party!!

We’ve had such a variety of arts and crafts this month, starting with our Fingerprint special! A way to show each of our students that they are unique, individual and special! Each student was able to get a little bit messy with paint and fingerprints. The next week was bracelets. This was a little bit tricky but focused on attention and co-ordination. The children loved showing off their finished pieces afterwards and got a wonderful new bracelet to wear and take home. Our final session of the month included more local materials such as banana fibre. Collected from around the school grounds, we pulled the fibre apart into strips and created a variety of objects out of it, such as a house, a ball, a book and a chair. First drawing the objects onto paper and then using the banana fibre to create the outline.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who joined us with our sweatshirt campaign through Bonfire and helped us purchase sweatshirts for all of our children! Together we managed to buy enough sweatshirts for our all of our students, plus new t-shirts for all of our staff ready for the new term in February, which is amazing!!

As you may have already seen we have been very busy preparing for Christmas and there are many ways in which you can support Obwaagazi during the festive period! Not only could you provide sponsorship for a family, a child’s education or food for an entire year but we also have a Christmas wish list on both our website and on Amazon and we’d love for as many of you as possible to get involved. No matter how small, each gift makes a difference. You can also surprise a family member with a gift to one of our students and download our Christmas giving certificate to send to them and let them know that a special contribution has been given in their name. You can find our Christmas wish list and our giving certificate on our website and you can take a look at our Amazon wish list by following the link below:

Kristina and Moses are also fast approaching their final month out in the US so if you would still like them to do a talk with any groups, schools or churches please do get in touch! They have already done lots of fantastic work so far and have helped to spread the love, knowledge and passion to so many others about Obwaagazi and what we do. They have been busy arranging plans for some summer volunteer trips for 2018 so make sure you don’t miss out and find out everything you need know by sending us an email for all of the information! And if you want to send your sponsor child a Christmas card this year, then now is your chance! You can mail your card to Kristina on the following address and then it will be delivered to Uganda in the new year. Kristina Riffle-Semukete 456 Camino Providencia Rio Rico, AZ 85648 Please help us spread the word about our Christmas wishes and get involved in making Christmas a very special one this year for our Obwaagazi students and families! We thank everyone who joined us during Giving Tuesday earlier in the week. You really have touched and blessed so many lives with your love and gifts this Christmas. We are still trying to make sure that all of our families get given a chicken this Christmas. Only $7 is needed to make this possible! Please help us reach our target!!

We would also like to wish Kristina a very Happy Birthday on her special day today!!!

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