Welcome Shadia and Esther!!

Today we received two new students!! Shadia and Esther! Shadia is 10 and Esther is 6 and we are so pleased to welcome them into our Obwaagazi family.

Shadia’s father passed away when she was a young baby, leaving her mother to raise the two children on her own. Shadia had a stroke at 9 months old; her mother could not afford healthcare and did not know what to do with her, so she left her on the floor and locked her away every day. Shadia’s brother attends boarding school and her mother works long hours during the day as a waitress. Shadia has been left home alone and locked up since she was one year old. Due to Shadia’s trauma, her feet are deformed, her leg muscles are weak, and she has severe scoliosis. Shadia is unable to walk because she was never taught. A friend told Shadia’s mother about Obwaagazi Academy and she came to us with so much hope for the first time in her life as Shadia’s mother. We have the chance to change Shadia’s life by loving her and providing her with education, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Our staff is so excited to have Shadia join our family and we can’t wait to watch her progress at Obwaagazi Academy!

Esther is a 6 year old girl that lives in Jinja, Uganda. She was abandoned by her parents when she was 2 years old because she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Esther has been living in a babies home (orphanage) since she was two. Our founder, Kristina, met Esther when she was three years old (Kristina was volunteering at the babies home). Kristina and Esther had a special bond and she is so excited to be reunited and now have Esther attend Obwaagazi Academy!!! Esther is unable to walk or talk, but she communicates through smiles and hugs. She is a very happy, loving girl that loves music and to play with toys. This is Esther’s first time to be in school and we can’t wait to watch her grow and learn at Obwaagazi Academy!

We also welcomed two new teaching assistants!

Susan, whose son Jackson is already a student with us, has just started her position as a teaching assistant in our orthopedically impaired classroom alongside teacher Beatrice. We now have 10 students in this classroom so a second teacher will help give them the extra attention that they need.

And Jackline, whose daughter Benita is also a student with us has just become a teaching assistant with teacher Beatrice with the older students to help give closer, individual attention to particular students who need more time.

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