A trip to the dentist!!

Today we took a trip to the dentist! Our students were invited to a dental clinic with UK based charity Dent Aid and Softpower Education. We travelled multiple trips to the short distance of Walukuba West school to take around 20 students with teeth that needed the most attention to have them checked, cleaned and worked on.

The day started out as an exciting adventure! For most of them this was their first ever car journey and they were all so happy to get out of school for the day and travel somewhere else. If only they knew where they were really going!

After only a couple of hours it was all over and our students were so brave!! This was their first ever trip to the dentist and for most it was a scary experience.

Two students had teeth pulled, two had deep cleanings, 11 cavities were filled, 21 fluoride treatments were administered and 40 toothbrushes and toothpastes were handed out to all students!

We are so grateful for the work of Dent Aid Charity and the amazing team from the UK and Uganda that provided our students with free checkups and treatment!!

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