We've had a busy week!

This week we have been very busy!!

On Monday we got a new teacher, bought two new pigs and began building the houses for our cows!

Our new teacher is named Joshua and has seven years of experience working in special education. He is already working very closely with the children and is working hard to personally get to know all of his students and understand each of them and their needs individually.

Our farm is constantly expanding! We now have another two piglets, we have started our farming by planting beans and corn and we have begun the construction of our cow house! We are hoping to have everything ready within the next month ready for our cows and goats! Both our animals and crops will be used to help provide for our families and the school.

On Wednesday we gave out food for the second time this term! This time we sent home 28 students with food, which means we managed to get 6 children sponsored from last time. That is amazing! Unfortunately, we still need to get 10 more children sponsored for food in order to make this program successful and complete. We desperately want to make sure that all 38 children go home with food but need 10 more people to become sponsors to make this happen. Do you know anyone who would like to become a sponsor?

We would also like to introduce you to Maggie! Maggie joined us last week and is a teacher from the US. She will be with us for 3 whole months and we’re so excited! The kids already love her and she will be helping out in the classrooms and assisting our teachers with anything they need!

After previously studying the Winter Olympics, we are now celebrating the Paralympics!! Our students have been filling in worksheets, learning and reading all about the Olympics and today we had some fun with medals!

And for our most exciting news....

We have a van!!

With thanks to a very generous donor who purchased us a van for the school. This means that we will be able to add even more students who do not live within walking distance as we now have the transport to pick them up and drop them off! This donation was a huge blessing to us and we cannot thank our donors enough! We are so grateful to have such incredible people believing in our students, our school and everything that we do!

Thank you!!

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