The End of Another Week!

Tomorrow is a school holiday to celebrate Eid al-Fitr!

We are sad to miss our arts and craft sessions, but we're looking forward to enjoying our three day weekend instead!

We welcomed another new student this week!! Meet Jessica! Jessica is an 8 year old girl who lives in Jinja, Uganda with her great aunt and 9 other children that she cares for in a one-room temporary home. Jessica was abandoned when she was eight months old after her father passed away. She was diagnosed with macrocephaly and left-sided weakness when she was 5 years old a local government hospital in Jinja.​Her great aunt saw children with disabilities and their mamas walking up our hill in Walukuba on June 12, 2018. She decided to follow them and see where they were going and ended up at Obwaagazi Academy! Jessica had never been inside a school before she came to Obwaagazi. Jessica is so excited to be at school with us at Obwaagazi Academy and her smile that lights up the room shows that! She is going to be an amazing world changer and we are honored to be a part of her story.

Next week we plan to have an inclusive sports and water day with another school. Over the weekend we will be fundraising to help purchase all of our 40 students swimsuits and swim shorts so that they can all participate! It's going to be such an exciting day!!

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