We've had an action packed week!

This week you helped us to buy all of our students swimsuits and swim shorts ready for the sports day we held yesterday! We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who contributed! We had an amazing day and the students loved it!

Yesterday we were joined by another organisation named Whispers of Love and had the most amazing sports day!! We played lots of fun games, danced, sang songs, made new friends and then played some great water games. All of the students had the most wonderful day and we were so happy to be able to share this day with Whispers of Love.

Todays arts and crafts was leaf people!! All of the students had to find and collect their own leaves around the school compound and then arrange into a person, glue down, add googly eyes and then decorate! Our older students got very creative and we love the designs that they came up with! Todays session was a great way to show the students how to use some natural resources to have fun and be creative!

We have now started daily one on one reading sessions with each student. This will help to improve the students reading skills as well as listening, understanding and interaction while also reading a fun story. They loved being able to touch the screen and flip the pages themselves!

We've continued to visit some of the homes of our students after school to fill in our needs assessment forms. Emily and Alaina joined us with teacher Maria (Maria was with us last year but then had to leave to continue her studies in Kampala) and we visited 2-3 homes a day to check on their living arrangements and to find out whether they are facing any issues that they need help with.

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