Happy 4th of July!

This week we celebrated the 4thof July! We had such a great day of celebrations and we loved dressing the kids up in this cute American glasses!

On Monday we started our new physical therapy partnership with Soft Power Education. Every Monday Sylvester will be joining us to give all of our students in need of therapy their one to one individual physical therapy sessions.

On Tuesday we said goodbye to our volunteer Sydney from Indiana. Unfortunately, Sydney was only able to spend 10 days with us but it’s been a pleasure! We always love to have volunteers no matter how long or short their stay. Everyone is always welcome. Sydney also brought with her some amazing donations and everything that was purchased on our Amazon Wishlist. Thank you again to everyone who helped us to purchase everything and a big thank you to Sydney for helping to bring everything to Uganda for us! We are so grateful for your visit!

We have started to organise a fundraising event which will be held here in Jinja on the 21stof July. We will be holding a ‘Taste of Italy’ dinner to help our fundraising goal of adding two new classrooms to the school. We are still running our 1-100 campaign so if you would like to contribute to our event you can still take part by choosing and donating a square!


Check out our event on Facebook for more information!!

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