End of Term!

Today was the end of Term 2 for 2018! The past three weeks have been pretty quiet here as we begin to finish off all our journals and arts and craft sessions ready for our holiday!

The term ended with lots of play, music and dance! Everyone picked their favourite songs and danced all afternoon working up an appetite for lunch. We have some great little movers among our students and it was so lovely to see them having so much fun and enjoyment!

Today was also our last food giving day for the term as a special treat for the holidays! The students will now have around 4/5 weeks off and this can be the time when the parents struggle the most as they now have to stay home to look after their children.

Our last two arts and craft sessions were both sea life related! We made jellyfish and paper plate sea turtles. Both of these were great sensory activities as the students were able to rip and cut paper using and improving their fine motor skills and then gluing everything together to create their sea creature! The jellyfish were especially fun and colourful!

We also have some exciting farm news!

Last week the corn from our farm was picked, dried, and the kernels removed from the corn cobs. We then took the dried corn kernels to the factory to grind it into corn flour, which is known as posho. We serve posho at school every other day and are so excited to serve the posho from the corn that we grew ourselves!

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