We had an exciting delivery!

We were delivered some fantastic new therapy items on Monday!! Five of our students received AFO's. An ankle-foot orthosis, or AFO, is a support intended to control the position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct deformities. AFOs can be used to support weak limbs, or to position a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position.

Todays arts and craft was leaf crowns! Everyone went home looking like kings and queens and this was such a great activity to include the use of natural resources as well as being pro active in finding your own materials to help create your crown!

This week was also our food giving week for October! Every student went home with the usual bag full of posho, rice and beans!!

Tuesday was a National Holiday here in Uganda so everyone spent the day at home celebrating Uganda's Independence Day!

We also celebrated the International Day of Girls on Thursday! Our girls our amazing and we are so so proud to be apart of their lives, empowering them to learn and achieve every single day!

Our current interns once again started our one on one reading sessions. We've included some interactive learning games into these sessions to add something fun and educational at the same time and to get them more involved in their own learning process.

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