What can we see?!?

Todays arts and craft session was toilet roll binoculars!! This was such a great creative play activity as all the students got to use their own binoculars afterwards and then take them home. This is also a great activity to reuse materials and create something exciting out of something that would otherwise just be thrown away. The students did a great job with decorating and made some really wonderful and colourful binoculars!

This week Mandy and Renate started their intern project. They will be visiting the homes of particular students and then holding meetings for certain parents, depending on the child's disability the educate and empower the families. They will be recapping information that they might already know about their child's disability as well as teaching them new things that they may not know.

We have also started introducing the students to the farm to get them more involved and more familiar with their surroundings. The students are taken down to the farm in pairs to help feed grass to the different animals. This is such a fun activity for them and such a good way to introduce our new vocational program.

Mandy and Renate also took this opportunity to introduce the rabbits to the classrooms and the students loved it!

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