Mid-Term Parent Meeting!

Today was out mid term parent meeting where we discussed our progress this term and our exciting new projects to prepare our students for the future! It was a great meeting and teacher Andrew even gave the parents a mini paper bag making lesson to help them understand the project and so they can even help their children learn at home!

We’ve started a very exciting project this week! Our older class are now being taught how to make these paper bags with one of our wonderful new teachers, teacher Andrew. Although very simple, these bags are used for so many things here in the markets and on the streets. They’re most commonly found at food vendors and the purchased cooked food is placed inside. This could be meat, chips, chapatis and many other things! Once this craft is perfected, the students will be able to sell the bags that they make in the local market to earn money. This will then help them with future jobs once they leave school and we’re so excited to begin preparing these students for their future!

On Thursday we had our arts and craft session as the students were off school Friday due to the parent meeting. We started our Halloween preparations and made pumpkin lanterns!

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