Obwaagazi Family Sponsorship Program

Trevor lives together with his mother and 6 siblings in Njeru. They live in a permanent unfinished house with a cement floor. There is no electricity in the house, but there is running water and a latrine. They have access to safe drinking water from boiling. The house is still currently under construction and the owner of the house is letting them stay there until it is complete. They will then have to move and find somewhere else to live. Trevor's mother is very worried about this as she is struggling to save money to find a new home as well as paying for food and school fees.

The main source of income is cleaning houses, washing clothes and other small jobs that come by. They don’t eat daily meals, as it depends on what work she has done during that day. She would like to start a small business but she hasn’t enough capital to begin one. She has just completed a business training course to gain knowledge and skills for running her own business. We're very proud of her for completing the course and we can't wait to see what she will do!

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PO Box 1514

Jinja, Uganda


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Plot 6 Smelter Close

Walukuba, Jinja, Uganda

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